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We are a small group of Christian missionaries, from around the world untied through the hope and faith we have in Jesus Christ. We come together for his kingdom and his calling.

Holyspirit compels us to write the truth about the unchanging word of God. We believe Hope In Christ, can transform lives. Our contents are easily accessible and we make sure our contents can be easily understood. Our writers have a great number of experience in the bible seminary and they are church leading pastors from around the world. we have teachers and professors with great experience in sharing and teaching the word of God. Our articles are meant to answer your questions and be one step closer to God. 

We are soul believers of Jesus, and like Jesus himself have rejected the organized religion of man and his rituals, rites and desire we strictly preach the true word and we do not mix impurities to make it presentable. We all have encounters with God and pursue truth and keep Jesus as our cornerstone in our personal and spiritual journey. We believe that Jesus Christ, the son of God the almight, is our ultimate saviour, and our only salvation. We believe that bible is the primary authority source and the only truth and answers to all our questions as illuminated by the power of the Holy  Ghost. Further, we believe that spiritual guidance and growth is achieved by constant communication with Holy Spirit and being with God's Word consistently in order to live in this fallen world. We find fellowship and companionship with other believers where there is a koinonia of grace, accountability and love.

Although we are not formally affiliated with any organizations or denominations, we work with a number of ministries and churches that want to preach the everlasting word of God. 

We are a small community, guided and walked by the Word of God, mentored by the Holy Ghost, we are dedicated to the service of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

We understand that maintaining a website requires financial support, at the moment we are self-funded and consider ourselves as a Not For Profit Organization. But we surely hope Individuals and entrepreneurs with a heart of the Gospel help the Lord's ministries and his calling. We want to work as cost-effective as we can, so we can support other ministries and ministries in need. 

We request your prayer and your support for us. And We pray that you are able to be blessed by our articles and videos.

May the Good God bless you abundantly.


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